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Fissure tooth treatment

on August 16, 2011

Fissure tooth treatment is depending from the location, direction, and the large of cracked. Crack of tooth can happen in surface of email, it can also arrive to the structure that more inside until hit pulpa net. If the damage only happens in outside structure, so the damage can be reform with the making of synthetic crown of the tooth. However, if it has reached pulpa net so your tooth must be taken care of endodontic.

In the case that very seriously where the cracked extend to root of tooth, generally there isn’t other way except withdraw of tooth. Necessarily for you to remember that treatment of tooth which cracked always do not indicate success. In several people, may be the making synthetic crown of the tooth could cope with its problem. The while, others new feel medicine with endodontic treatment. There is people who feel all treatment do not indicate the result, in the end they decide to withdraw of tooth.


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